Mobile Charging Solutions

Mobile Charging Solutions

Protect Your Employees & Clients From Battery Depletion, Communication Minimization, & Microbial Organisms With Our Mobile Charging Solutions!

Connected . Sanitized . Secure

Maintaining Your Safety Throughout Every Stage Of Your Day

As a business, your customers and employees are vital. Without them, it is impossible to establish a successful business. Think about how you are currently working on solving your customers’ problems. One of the most common problems, in business, life, & family, is a lack of communication and without mobile charging that communication may end. Solve their problems & provide not only charging but safe & sanitized charging for all!


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Freeman Protective Services Provides Sanitized Mobile Charging Solutions


Indoor Solutions

Give EVERYONE a chance to charge before they hit the road. Keep your employees, clients, and their families safe & connected!

“The mobile device has become our communications hub, our diary, our entertainment portal, our primary source of media consumption, our wallet and our gateway to real-time information tailored to our needs. The revolution is now!”

Nihal Mehta

Cell phones make it possible for families to communicate more effectively with one another. They connect parents with their children, grandparents to their families, and even teachers to their students. Help everyone in your office, stay safe & connected.

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Stay Prepared, Protected, Connected

Outdoor Solutions

Let them charge, wherever they are!! From the parking lot to outdoor break areas. If you want to let them stay safe, connected, & sanitized from anywhere, browse our solar solutions now.

“Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient for you.”

Cyndie Shaffstall

When you have a cell phone with you, there is an opportunity to contact emergency services. As long as you have a connection to your local tower, you can contact police, fire, or medical services should an unforeseen accident occur. If you get lost, GPS apps allow you to find out where you are. When you feel unsafe, grabbing your cell phone will give you solutions that will make sure you get home.

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Mobile Products

Deploy our mobile units for football games or first responder needs. We have options to help you please your entire crowd! Come one, come all, large or small, let everyone in your party stay charged & sanitized.

“In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected.”

Janice H. Reinold

Communication is a key part of safety in the workplace. Cell phones have made communication in multiple mediums a reality. When it comes to safety, the advantages of using cell phones to communicate are endless. You have the ability to immediately alert others to a change in the environment that’s created a hazard. Cell phones also allow for immediate updates, including changes to safe work plans or rescue plans. In the event of an accident that results in the release of harmful chemicals, cell phones can be used to warn others to stay clear of the area.


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