Mobile Charging Trailer

Dimensions 10′ H x 6’W x 12′ L
Weight 4500 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 8’4″ H x 8′ W x 15’3″ L
Shipping Weight 7500 lbs. (with Solar Option)
Devices Charged (max) 70
Lockers 10 per side | 3 cables per locker
Cables 20 on tray
USB Ports 4 per side
RFID Enabled Standard
Power Supply Solar & Battery and optional Generator
Custom Branding Yes partial or full wrap
Display Two 55″ Outdoor Screens + Media + 400 Watt Audio System + 4 Speakers
Warranty Limited Lifetime

Mobile Charging Trailer By FPS Brings The Charge To Any Event!

The POWER UP™ Charging Trailer is full-sized, custom branded, mobile device charging trailer, that can charge 60+ cell phones including 20 RFID/PIN controlled lockers with UVC in each locker to disinfect devices and handle the demands of a large crowd or a tough environment with ease.  It also includes USB ports, perfect for events, festivals, and community outreach.


The trailer is equipped with two 55″ premium, outdoor-rated screens and an HD media player capable of looping mp4 video and jpg images and can stream bluetooth audio.

POWER UP™ has also recently added UVC to each locker bay. The UVC add-on includes 12 LED UVC lights in each lock bay to sterilize your device while charging. Reflective film is applied with a stainless-steel grill which allows your device to float, so all surfaces are disinfected. The magnetic safety switch turns the UVC lights on when locker door is closed and switches them off whenever the door is open. The disinfecting process emits 254nm UV light that kills any kind of bacteria and virus, like COVID-19, by destroying the molecular bonds that hold their DNA together. Unlike chemical disinfectants, UVC leaves no residues on the objects and needs no maintenance. It is clean, safe, and cost effective.


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